6th Annual Koha Italian Meeting

Milan – March 16, 2017

There is increasing interest by public institutions in Italy in Koha, the most widely implemented open source library system worldwide. Launched in 1999, Koha has been implemented in thousands of libraries of all sizes, from small specialized institutions to large research libraries and consortia. Without a direct link to the SBN, Italian public institutions could not consider Koha. Now, thanks to a generous grant by EBSCO, the Koha Gruppo Italiano and @Cult, in cooperation with ICCU, are connecting Koha with the Indice SBN. Concurrently and also with the generous support of EBSCO, BibLibre is developing an interface between Koha and Coral, thus providing a new and open source option to Koha libraries for managing their e-resources. The ongoing developments will be presented at the meeting by representatives from all contributors, following which we look forward to questions and discussion.